In 2010, Strategic Armory Corps acquired AWC Systems Technology, LLC (AWC). AWC has over 27 years of experience producing high-quality firearm suppressors. In 2011, the brand expanded the business by acquiring Oklahoma based Surgeon Rifles, a manufacturer of some of the most accurate, durable, proprietary bolt action receivers and precision bolt action custom rifles on the market. It is during this acquisition that Strategic Armory Corps was born.

Over the next two years, Strategic Armory Corps diversified by adding NEXUS Ammo, Armalite, and McMillan Firearms to the group. In August 2012, SAC acquired the intellectual property, supported by 23 patents, for technology related to powdered metal core ammunition. Additionally, Harold Beal, the inventor of the technology, joined Strategic Armory Corps as a consultant to help develop this new line, NEXUS Ammo. NEXUS Ammo now has a proprietary line of ammunition with professional-grade accuracy and high-density core technology.

In mid-2013, Armalite joined the Strategic Armory Corps lineup of premium brands. Armalite, a 60-year veteran of the industry, brings a wide variety of semi-auto modern sporting rifles, bolt action, and pistol style firearms to the group. To round off the SAC family’s offerings, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing was acquired in November of 2013. McMillan Firearms offers premium hunting rifles and tactical bolt-action firearms to Strategic Armory Corps’ clientele.

Every aspect of Strategic Armory Corps has been designed and structured with the customer in mind. Each group of products available from a Strategic Armory Corps brand is available for purchase through any of the SAC brands. Whether you are law enforcement, military, or simply a firearms enthusiast, Strategic Armory Corps is truly a one-stop shop.


Strategic Armory Corps was formed with the goal of acquiring and combining market-leading companies within the firearms industry. Each company that is brought into the SAC family fulfills a consumer need with their brand of niche products. To date, five highly respected manufacturing companies have been acquired. These companies strategically fit together to form a strong base of products and services that are designed to meet the expectations of military, law enforcement, commercial groups, and individual users around the world.

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Strategic Armory Corps employs approximately 100 American employees throughout the United States including those functioning in manufacturing, sales, marketing, administrative, and management roles. The company’s operations, based in Phoenix, AZ, are overseen by some of the most experienced industry personnel. In addition to the corporate headquarters, the company utilizes highly skilled and trained employees at production facilities in Illinois, Utah, Oklahoma, and Arizona.

Gabriel Araujo

Chief Executive Officer

Steffanie Whittaker

Chief Financial Officer

 Jeremy Gresham

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

After serving in the military with the U.S. Army, Gresham joined the firearms industry in 2007 as an Assistant Manager with Kevin’s Guns and Sporting Goods in Tallahassee, FL, where he was responsible for the distribution and sales of all retail products. His sales experience and ambitious personality make him a welcome addition to the SAC family. Behind the business suit, Jeremy is also a proud Seminole, having earned his Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

Craig Beckman

Director of Marketing

Craig Beckman is the Marketing and Creative Media Manager for Strategic Armory Corps. He is responsible for the web presence, media production, marketing, and public relations aspects of the Strategic Armory Corps brands. He has a wide variety of experience in marketing and photography; most recently as the Director of Marketing for FPI Studios, a large automotive photography firm based in Detroit, MI. Relatively new to the firearms industry, Beckman brings fresh new ideas and tactics to Strategic Armory Corps.

Rob Pettorsson

Director of Training